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Tapping - a landlord's forte

A perfect beer with a perfect head: that is what your guests want when they order an Eichbaum. To make them content, simply follow two rules and get rid of an old prejudice. Not even a pilsner needs seven minutes! It would only get warm and lose carbon dioxide.

Step 2

Let the half-filled glass rest for a minute to make the head settle.

Step 1

Put the rinsed glass beneath the tap at 45° and let the beer flow
down along its inner wall.

Step 4

After a break, the head receives its final touch by opening and closing the tap fast.

Step 3

Now tap again but do not let the tap touch the beer to avoid air drive out the carbon dioxide.

Please note!
Please follow these rules:

  • Never pre-tap!
  • Never mix the contents of two glasses!
  • Never use warm, dry glasses!
  • Never use foam skimmers. These are unhygienic!



How to pour wheat beer

Step 2

Hold the glass at 45° and pour slowly.

Step 1

Rinse the glass under cold water.

Step 4

Top up.

Step 3

Rinse out the yeast with a rest of beer.


Other topics:

DLG gold medals
Our certificates

Eichbaum beer’s exceptional quality cannot only be told by its taste but also by its certificates. The Deutsche Landwirtschaftsgesellschaft e.V. (German Agricultural Society) DLG) is one of the most important food-rating organisations, whose beer tests attest to Eichbaum’s quality and its corporate culture. And the International Food Standard (IFS) annually confirms...

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Brewing Beer
All about brewing

Most important in brewing is the combination of tradition and technology. After all, beer has been produced from four ingredients in accordance with the German Purity Law for five centuries now: malt, hops, yeasts and water. The balance between traditional brewing and state-of-the art technology makes Eichbaum brew beer that is not only unique but also of top quality – a real market leader...

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History Eichbaum
Our history

Eichbaum was founded in 1679 as a small brewpub, and while the exact location changed, its domicile has always been Mannheim. Its traditional art of brewing in accordance with the German Purity Law dated 1516 guarantees Eichbaum beers’ top quality – since 1679.

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Visiting the Brewery
Visiting the brewery

Experience more than 335 years of brewing live! See how crystal-clear water and select regional ingredients are turned into prize-winning Eichbaum beer specialities. And conclude the 3h-tour with a nice little snack and two of your favourite beers from our historic cellar. Or check it out here and now on a virtual tour.

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