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Eichbaum once again impresses the international jury: "beeraclez" and "Troll Brew" win the German Design Award!

With its global range and international standing, the German Design Award has been one of the most prestigious awards in the design field across all industries since 1953. The 40-member jury of internationally renowned designers and professors sets highest standards for participants, their products and their achievements in communication design. This makes our renewed success all the more remarkable, after already having won the German Design Award and the German Brand Award in 2020 for our post-apocalyptic craft beer brand "Steam Brew".  (www.steam-brew.com)  

This year's winning concepts in the "Special Mention" category for particularly creative product designs in international retail:

The "beeraclez" brand (www.beeraclez.com) tells the "true" stories of fairytale classics and combines our passion for beer specialties with unusual design trends to create a unique brand concept. In the upside-down fairytale worlds, a dwarf drudges for the seven Snow Whites, and Little Red Riding Hood takes revenge on the big bad wolf. The four different varieties (Imperial IPA, Session IPA, Imperial RED, Imperial Stout) with their complex illustrations and bright colors are therefore eye-catching and extravagant attractions in the beer aisle.

The mysterious appearance of the brand "The Oaktree Troll Brew" (www.troll-brew.com) takes your customers to the mystical world of craft beers inhabited by trolls with four varieties: Hazy Wheat Pale Ale, Fantastic IPA, Glorious Red Ale and Imperial Stout. Exclusive varieties of hops from all over the world, the clearest brewing water and selected malts make up the outstanding quality of our beer specialties, turning everyday life into a real delight. The particularly creative and eye-catching packaging design was not lost on this year's jury. 

Our brands thrive on high-quality standards with extraordinary intricacy that we also expect from all our employees. Therefore, this award is a success for the entire company, which we are proud of!


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Beer in glasses

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