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Trading units

Many trading units

Privatbrauerei Eichbaum has a huge number of trading units:

  • 0.33l can
  • 0.50l can
  • 0.95l can
  • 5.00l can
  • 0.33l bottle
  • 0.50l bottle


Individual diversity

It is the combination of many decades of brewing experience and state-of-the-art technologies that allows Privatbrauerei Eichbaum to produce such a huge number of beverages. Its range includes bottom-fermenting beers like Pils (pilsner), Schwarzbier (black beer), Premium Lager and Leichtbier (light beer) and top-fermenting beers like Hefeweizen hell or Hefeweizen dunkel (pale and dark wheat beer). And we use always use select ingredients and various brewing processes, which also makes for this huge variety. Thanks to our technical know-how, also reflected in a large number of different trading units, Privatbrauerei Eichbaum is quite probably one of most modern breweries in Europe. Eichbaum has everything beer lovers may want, wherever they may be: from the 0.5l longneck bottle and the usual 0.33l and 0.5l cans to the 5l party keg.



Other topics

Design Beispiel
Ideas for brands

You need an idea for a brand? Privatbrauerei Eichbaum has a lot of other brands in its portfolio. Be it the Bavarian countryside or the world of knights, monasteries or an energy malt drink, we will check for its availability in your country or sales area.

We look forward to hearing from you!