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The Palatine art of brewing - since 1679

The international Eichbaum product range shows an elegant packaging design, signifying both traditional brewing processes and a modern brewing and bottling technology plus the beer’s German origin. It is indeed all these factors that allow Eichbaum to brew such a wide range and produce so many different trading units. Our many bottom and top-fermenting beer specialities are made from select regional ingredients. And thanks to its technical know-how, Eichbaum is one of the most innovative breweries in Germany.

Eichbaum has everything beer lovers may want, wherever they may be: from the 0.5l longneck bottle and the usual 0.33l and 0.5l cans to the 5l party keg. Since the beginning of 2014, it has also been the first brewery in Europe able to bottle the pasteurised 0.95l can. Eichbaum, as an international brand, has a huge beer and trading unit variety: There is Pilsener, Lager, Schwarzbier (black beer), Hefeweizen hell, Hefeweizen dunkel (pale and dark wheat beer) and the trendy Naturradler (shandy) in its 0.5l can, the two party kegs Hefeweizen hell and dunkel and Premium Pilsener, Schwarzbier and Hefeweizen hell in the nicely shaped 0.5l longneck bottle. Brand new are Red Beer and Premium Stout and the seasonal specialities Festbier and Winterbier. The design is traditional and elegant and will lend your range at the point of sale an exclusive touch...



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The Eichbaum feeling

Our brand caters to needs that in our ever faster-paced world are still important, or even getting more important, and define the Eichbaum standard:

  • Conviviality + pleasure: Nothing is better than spending time with people who are important to us. And such moments are simply made perfect by a cool and fresh beer.

  • Deceleration + home: It is getting increasingly difficult to divine where global products are coming from and how they are handled. It is good to have a home, a place where you can take a break and enjoy a product you can trust.

  • Tradition/past times/crafts: In the past, bread tasted like bread, a tomato was sun-ripened and milk could actually go off. Not all new things are necessarily better things. It is good to know that beer and beer specialities are still brewed the traditional way and that there is an authentic brand for it.
    The Palatine art of brewing - since 1679!

The advertising icon for Eichbaum evergreens is the oak tree (Eichbaum = oak tree). An oak tree provides protection, safety and a feeling of being home. A place where you find this icon means conviviality, pleasure and tradition. The perfect beer feeling, we think.

Enjoy Eichbaum!

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