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Quality R&D

Our fortes will convince you!

More than 335 years ago, Jean de Chaine from Wallonia founded a brewpub in Mannheim which he named after the germanised version of his family name: Eichbaum. This has become one of the largest and most efficient breweries in Baden-Württemberg. It is the oldest company in Mannheim but also one of the most modern, with state-of-the-art bottling and brewing technologies and an annual output of 1.8 mn hl. More than 16 different beers and a huge number of trading units make Privatbrauerei Eichbaum an attractive partner.

Many trading units

Eichbaum has a huge number of trading units available:

  • 0.33l can
  • 0.50l can
  • 0.95l can
  • 5.00l can
  • 0.33l bottle
  • 0.50l bottle
Many beers and varieties

We also have a huge number of beers and varieties:

  • Rotbier (red beer)
  • Starkbier (strong beer)
  • Winterbier
  • alkoholfreies Bier (alcohol-free beer)
  • Malztrunk (malt drink)
  • Malz-Limonaden (malt sodas)
  • Pils/Lager
  • Radler (shandy)
  • Helles Weizenbier (pale wheat beer)
  • Dunkles Weizenbier (dark wheat beer)
  • Schwarzbier (black beer)li>
  • Festbier
  • Stout
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Since we are one of the largest independent breweries in Germany, we can start and realise projects fast. And despite not being a conglomerate, we still have a capacity of no less than 1.8 mn hl for beer specialities to be sold worldwide. A perfect mix of size and independence!

World map

We have more than 335 years of brewing experience, having produced first-class beers in Mannheim since 1679. That is quite something. And our beers are coveted all over the world: we export them to more than 50 countries. Our know-how now thus also comprises international networks, customs clearing, logistics and loading. Try us out!