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335 years of experience for Eichbaum’s beer specialities

You wonder why the Eichbaum beer specialities are so delicious? Probably because all our beers contain more than 335 years of Palatine brewing traditions and experience. And probably also because our master brewers always win gold medals. We don’t try to do it the easy way when it comes to such proof of our products’ quality. We therefore do not choose special beers but for the DLG tests nominate our most popular ones from the latest production batches (DLG = Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft e. V.; German Agricultural Society).



The Bavarian brewing law of 1516 set forth that brewing was only to take place between 29 September and 23 April. The reason was that the production of bottom-fermenting beers, very popular there even back then, required temperatures of below 10°C. So in order to have beer available after, much durability was necessary. More malt means more alcohol, which, in combination with more hops, made beer less perishable. Amber-coloured, full-bodied, of a hoppy character, with a harmonious finish.

Particularity: seasonal